Business essay: Marketing Plan for Far Horizon - SWOT Ananlysis

"An important element in the development of a marketing plan is the identification of a company, product, or service's strengths and weaknesses. Also, it is vital to determine how the market is with regard to a certain product's potential to prosper."

Classics essay: Classical Greece

"The Persian Wars were a series of wars between the city-states of Greece and Persia that lasted approximately twenty years, with periodic battles afterwards. This conflict began under the Persian ruler, Darius I, who was forced to end revolts against Persia by many Greek city-states."

Computer Science essay: Internet Privacy

"The issue of internet privacy is an emerging issue because there are now a number of businesses that have opened up online and have chided customers to buy products using the online channel."

Geography essay: Temperature, Salinity and Density in the Oceans

"The earth's surface is composed of 70 percent water and most of it is oceans in different parts of the world. The ocean is a body of water that is of vital importance to humans as it proves to be relevant in man's livelihood and transportation."

Business essay: Causes of the Falklands War

"The year 1982 is remembered in the history of both Argentina and Britain. The year saw the occurrence of one of the strangest wars due to the desire by the two sides to own and control the Falkland Islands. Many lives from the two sides were lost."

Business essay: Different Perspectives on Citizenship

"Various changes in the contemporary society deeply contribute to the revival of the concept of citizenship. The term and notion of citizenship raise some concerns in the field of social sciences. The term citizenship encompasses a wide range of sociological and political attributes and characteristics."

Business essay: Informal and Formal Groups

"Starbucks corporations are one of the largest stores that deal in the retail market with more than 7,000 stores in 25 countries. It is said to have strong position in the market since it gets the largest share through its retail market."

Business essay: Kentucky Bourbon Industry

"The Kentucky Bourbon industry dates back to the 18th century and is a multi-billion business. Bourbon is the only distilled spirit produced in the United States of America. Ninety-eight-percent of bourbon consumed in the United States and around the world is created, distilled, and aged in Kentucky."

Business essay: Catherine the Great: An Enlightened Despot

"The social and political theories of the Enlightenment spawned new radical ideas such as individual liberty, checks and balances, and the social contract. Consequently, people disregarded the established authorities of tradition and religion in favor of human reason through the scientific method."

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