Argumentative Essay Topics for Students

One of the main genres of essays is an argumentative essay. It's called argumentative because the writer argues their points to prove their position concerning a topic. The writer uses an investigative approach to a topic and collects information, generates and evaluates the evidence to take a position about the topic at hand. To prove their position, a writer uses many relevant words which makes this type of essay lengthy and detailed.

What Is Argumentative Essay?

One of the types of essays you will likely be assigned in college is an argumentative essay. Because it requires details, you might not be sure how to write it or where to get information. Our team of professional writers from our argumentative essay service created this step-by-step guide instruction to guide you through the process and help you succeed.

Argumentative research essay is an academic research writing genre where a writer takes a stand on a topic. The writer not only takes their stand but also tries to persuade their audience to take the same stand and support it.

How To Choose A Good Argumentative Essay Topic

Argumentative essay topics require deep search and lengthy writing and you should choose a topic that you love and one that you will get a lot of information to help you give detailed prove about your point of view.

  • Brainstorm on some unique topics
  • Choose a topic that is not complex to argue about
  • Your topic should be relevant and interesting to the audience you are addressing
  • The topic must be easy to research from various sources
  • Think about a topic that other students are not likely to choose

Argumentative Essay Topics For College

The following are topics for argumentative essay for college students

  • Agree or disagree: families are destroyed by divorce
  • College students should have the least debt before graduation
  • We still need to worry about communism
  • Search engines should block all phonography searches
  • Intelligence is not measured by the level of grades
  • Is technology distractive to university education?
  • Which is better? Online education or face-to-face learning
  • Is cheating in the academic literature on the rise?
  • Should collegiate games players be paid?
  • Is it ethical to circumcise females?

Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School

The following are easy argumentative essay topics for middle school

  • Is it for boys to cry?
  • Between men and women, who are more emotional
  • Should there be homework in primary school?
  • Should parents control their children on the use of the internet?
  • Is it possible for schools to prevent bullying?
  • What is the main thing should every household do to conserve energy?
  • Should smoking be outlawed?
  • Is pop culture good?
  • Should religion be taught in schools?
  • Is it a good idea to wear a school uniform?
  • Is it fair to give kids curfews?

Argumentative Essay Topics For High School

The following are good topics for an argumentative essay for high school students:

  • What is the solution to gun use and control in the United States of America?
  • Is it worth having diversity in media?
  • Marijuana is legalized in most states. Is this the right direction?
  • What do you feel about the way the president is working?
  • Technology has brought more harm than good: do you agree or refute
  • Are human beings to blame for climatic change?
  • Should the government encourage factory farming?
  • Is it illegal to make vaccines mandatory?
  • Who is to blame for the animals that have gone extinct?
  • Do emojis provide more harm or good?
  • Is voting beneficial?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

  • Is human gene editing a good or bad idea
  • Are media companies breaking the rules when giving breaking news?
  • Should capital punishment be reinstated
  • Is cyber safety too important?
  • Is it ethical to kill stray animals?
  • Will the world ever achieve global peace?
  • Is India a safe place for women?
  • Can China be called a genuine superpower?
  • What does true love really mean?
  • Is it okay to use animals for experiments?
  • Do temples have gender equality?

Argumentative Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Should high-income earners pay more taxes?
  • Do students benefit from single-sex education?
  • Is it a good thing to include religious biases in politics?
  • Can you say global warming is real?
  • Is justice to all citizens real?
  • Is depression the genesis of other illnesses?
  • Does playing video games improve or worsen learning?
  • Can women ever be equal to men?
  • Is it time to make abortion illegal?
  • Can racism ever end?

Argumentative Narrative Essay Topics

  • To become a hero, you have to do something that shows bravery or stupidity
  • The most embarrassing moment is the best moment
  • Childhood experience is what shapes someone's future but no college education.
  • Not every teacher is a role model
  • Fear is not true but emotional
  • Bullies are born bullies
  • Owning a gun is a right for every citizen
  • Governments should open all boarders globally
  • Medication has a role to play in multi-cultural conflicts
  • Is it okay for teachers to befriend students?

Best Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Access to education should be universally free
  • Cloning should be illegal
  • Can Michael Jordan still be called a basketball star?
  • Consumption of energy drinks is harmful
  • The Amazonia has the most beautiful forests
  • Are there some people who are above the law?
  • Is technology boosting or limiting creativity
  • Can an artist ever succeed in life?
  • From 2D to 3D then 4D: what next?
  • Is mercy killing a good cause?

Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is it necessary to censor the internet?
  • What role does social media play in education?
  • Are ordinary people too reliant on social media?
  • Do online friends add value to an individual?
  • At what age should kids open a social media account?
  • Is it ethical to use funny memes?
  • Social media has a part to play in divorces and separations
  • A person's point of view can be changed by social media
  • Is social media contributing to a failed education system?
  • Pros and cons of social media

Argumentative Essay Topics About Mental Health

  • Diet and exercise: which one is better for mental health?
  • Do environmental factors affect mental health?
  • Can drug misuse affect mental health?
  • Are mentally sick people insane?
  • Religion is a mental disorder
  • Exercise is associated with mood
  • There are more mentally sick people than the healthy ones
  • Do social media affect mental health?
  • There is no mental sickness, it's only a condition
  • The best way to address dependence on drugs

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Football should not be played by children: it's too violent
  • Does it make sense to hire players from other countries?
  • Technology in games: how it's changing the rules
  • Does the cheering squad affect winning?
  • Should fighting in hockey be allowed?
  • Legalizing sports betting nationally
  • Are video games sports?
  • Eliminating alcohol and tobacco adverts during games
  • It's easier to score a hockey penalty than soccer
  • Extreme sports should be banned
  • Women should not engage in bodybuilding sports

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Does Google make us smarter?
  • Can homosexuality to termed as a psychosocial problem?
  • Reasons for too many teenage mothers
  • Is it possible to if a politician is telling the truth?
  • Best way to break a friendship
  • Things that girls do that boys hate
  • It's not right to breastfeed in public
  • Obesity is due to fast foods
  • Do animals have any rights?
  • Do dreams reveal the truth about us?

Argumentative Essay Topics About Education

  • Should parents actively get involved in their children's education?
  • Is there a relationship between class size and teacher productivity?
  • Is online education more effective?
  • Technology in education: is it a bad or good idea?
  • Is pen and paper writing being replaced by typing?
  • Should guns be allowed in schools?
  • It should be mandatory for students to learn foreign languages
  • Hardcover textbooks should be abolished
  • Is it important to rank students?
  • Is the electoral college relevant?

Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should the use of antibiotics be systematically monitored and regulated?
  • Is it right to make vaccines for children mandatory?
  • Should teenagers be given contraceptives?
  • What role does a surgeon play during an operation?
  • Medical technology is making healthcare workers lazy
  • How medical technology has improved the doctor-patient relationship
  • Does medical research help improve the health sector?
  • Privacy and confidentiality: can healthcare specialists breach it?
  • Should there be limits for medical tests on people?
  • If abortion is banned, can it reduce the practice?

Environmental Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is it possible to adapt to climatic change?
  • Can bioenergy be termed green and sustainable energy?
  • The human population is not directly linked to environmental degradation
  • Can all-natural disasters be blamed entirely on humans?
  • Environmental laws have a better impact than lobbyism
  • Does carbon tax add any impact?
  • Should everyone start to travel in public vehicles?
  • Is it possible to live in a world without fossil fuels?
  • The use of pesticides should be abolished
  • Science education and environmental conservation: how are they related?

Political Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is war always triggered by politics?
  • Is it possible to eradicate corruption?
  • Between war and diplomacy, which is better?
  • What runs a nation? Politics or religion?
  • Can you say nuclear weapons are a necessity in every nation?
  • Are the state governments independent from the national government?
  • Is democracy too expensive?
  • Should criminals be pardoned?
  • The divide between socialism and capitalism
  • Was the Iraqi invasion by the US justifiable?
  • Is use of demonstrations and protests the best way to communicate a political statement?

History Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Did industrial evolution precede urbanization?
  • Were women important during the civil evolution?
  • Is slavery still in existence today?
  • What made Native Americans lose dominance and disappear?
  • How did technology impact civil wars?
  • Is it the Arabs or Hindus who invented the Arab numerals?
  • Around 400 BC, the Sparta kingdom had 25 thousand nationals and more than 500 thousand slaves.
  • The second world war changed family traditions forever
  • Slaves helped grow the economy more than their masters
  • Cold war aftershocks are here to stay
  • In his war to annihilate the Jews, was Adolf Hitler protecting his citizen's interests or personal interests?

Climate Change Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Does global warming mean the same as climate change?
  • How ecosystems are supported by biodiversity
  • Climate change contributes to the increase of diseases
  • Climate change is solely due to human activities
  • If every nation puts the same effort, it would stop global warming
  • Governments and NGOs exaggerate the debate on climate change
  • Global warming is a hoax
  • Why are alternative energy sources important?
  • People are becoming sicker due to global warming.
  • The earth can never be destroyed by climate change
  • Can all species adapt to climate change? Give reasons and explain how.
  • Are politicians playing a role in the decline of climate change?


There are many interesting argumentative essay topics that you can write about. This essay genre requires deep research skills and excellent writing skills. Many students have busy lifestyles that often affect their time for assignments. If you find yourself stressed by a college paper due to lack of time, order an essay from our services and you will get the best quality paper. Most students use this secret to write grade A research papers.

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