Dissertation Lengths: How Long It Should Be

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January 25, 2022 5 min read

Before you decide on the average length of a dissertation, there are several factors you should consider first. The length of dissertation can be determined by your field of study, discipline, the area you are researching, and the type of data analysis involved.

It might help if you consider the variables that are likely to influence the average length of dissertation. Every institution of higher learning might have its unique guidelines that guide students on the number of pages is a dissertation. Your role is to make sure you are familiar with the guidelines.

What Is The Purpose Of A Dissertation?

The process of writing your dissertation starts from the time you are assigned a topic to the time you submit a complete paper. Although you might not understand everything from the word go, it is okay to have several questions in your mind like how long does a dissertation have to be.

To help you answer the question of how long should a dissertation be, our experienced team of writers from our dissertation writing service has created this step-by-step instruction to guide you through the process so that you become successful.

Type Of Dissertation and It Length

Another question you might have is how long does it take to write a dissertation and for you to best answer it, you should understand the type of dissertation you are writing. This is a major factor that will determine the average length of PhD dissertation.

Narrative dissertation

If you are considering how many chapters in a dissertation make a reasonable count, the narrative dissertation might have the least. It's not a common type but it narrates the processes in detail from the beginning to the end.

Empirical dissertation

In terms of doctoral dissertation length, this paper might be the longest. It is based on a practical study where the researcher does experiments, surveys, investigations, etc. to get the most detailed findings.

Non-empirical dissertation

This type has an average thesis length because it's based on another existing research. The average chapter length could be up to five chapters unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.

How Hard Is It To Write A Dissertation?

The definition of dissertation might make you feel like it's very hard to write one but you only need to understand the requirements. Understand the thesis length then research widely to get information. If need be, seek help from professional dissertation writers online.

What Is The Average Dissertation Length?

By most standards, the typical dissertation length ranges between 100 to 200 pages although some might be longer. It depends on the topic, course level, objectives, and instructions from tutors.

What Is The Average Phd Dissertation Length?

The average PhD length might go up to 80 thousand words although again it all depends on the topic or subject. This length includes indexes, references, commentaries, etc. A dissertation word count can sometimes exceed this limit if the instructor allows it. If he doesn't, the word count for dissertation must not exceed the standardized count.

What Is The Average Masters Thesis Length?

A master's thesis word count can range between 15 thousand to 20 thousand words. Compared to an undergraduate dissertation, it should be more detailed and stay within the subject the student is studying.

In terms of pages, a master's thesis length ranges between 40 to 80 pages. The number of paragraphs used might not directly affect a master thesis length because some people write short paragraphs while others write longer ones. Many other factors could affect a master's thesis length but each college guides its students well.

How Long Is A Doctoral Thesis Introduction?

The entire average length of PhD dissertation should help you determine the length of its introduction. The way you use words in a dissertation may also determine the length of the introduction. You should explain to the reader the reasons for choosing your topic. This could take between 10 to 15 pages.

What Is The Average Phd Dissertation Length Of Literature Review?

So, how long is a PhD thesis? A PhD thesis length of a literature review might range between 20 to 25 pages. At this point, you break down the main information you chose. You also take note of the shortcomings and qualities of these sources. All these details might determine your doctoral thesis length.

How Long Is A Doctoral Dissertation Methodology Report?

The PhD length of a methodology report should be between 10 and 15 pages. It reports on the methods used in collecting information and any difficulties experienced.

General Suggestions For Dissertation Lengths

A lot of things will come into play when considering how long are thesis papers. On a general point, each type of dissertation is different. Here are general questions and their suggested answers.

How long is a PhD dissertation: It ranges between 100 to 300 pages

How long is a college thesis: A bachelor's thesis will range between 40 to 60 pages

What is the best masters thesis length: It ranges between 40 to 80 pages

Can I purchase dissertation?

You are free to purchase a dissertation but you must make sure you are purchasing from the right website. Before you purchase, have details like the average length of a research paper and its type. The writer might know How long is a thesis paper, but they will still want to confirm from you.

Dissertation lengths differ with each type and course level. Apart from a general knowledge of how long is a dissertation, have specific knowledge of your type of paper. Give the dissertation page length for each heading and understand the dissertation editing rates offered by the writer.


The question about how long should a thesis be is can be answered in different ways. However, the process of writing might seem daunting especially if you have busy schedules or an active lifestyle. If you lack enough time to write your dissertation buy dissertation at our website to free up time for other tasks.

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