How to Write a Double Spaced Essay

Without rules, writing would not make meaning and the message within the content would be difficult to understand. What constitutes content are letters, words, sentences, paragraphs, punctuations, images, and visuals. Each field has its unique set of rules that govern writing styles and define guidelines for spacing, citation, fonts, and illustrations.

In the academic field and various citation writing formats, double spacing is a common rule. Academics believe it helps make an academic paper look neat and easy to read. The double-spaced essay rule is used in essay assignments in high schools and universities.

What is a Double Spaced Essay?

The term double spaced essay should not scare you or make you worry about how it is done. Our expert writers at write my essay service have created a comprehensive guide to explain what does double spaced means and the steps to follow to create a high-quality double spaced essay.

The term simply means using double spaces from one line to the next when writing an essay. Note double spacing is not done between words but between lines. Most academics prefer this style of essay writing because it's easy to read or make comments in between the spaces.

A lecturer at the university can easily write some advice between the lines and assist a student whom they notice has some difficulty writing. A student can also easily read and understand recommendations made by a teacher on a specific paragraph.

Why Double Space?

Professional essay service do help if you are not sure how to write a double spaced essay or if time is an issue. The rule of double spacing is not only applicable to students but also to professionals in certain fields especially fields that do intensive research and reports for publishing in journals.

The primary reason why double spacing is required in academic writing is to make comments. Usually, a blank line is left in between lines so that the reader can make comments there. If the essay is written in a single space, it would be hard to write comments because the paper would look untidy.

The only option the lecturer will have is to write comments on a separate page which might make it impossible for a student to understand which comment goes to which place. The double spacing rule helps make it possible to write in between lines.

Another advantage of a double spaced essay is tidiness. The essay will look tidy and it will be readable. These are the reasons why institutions of learning have made double spacing a standard format for all academic institutions globally. Failure to follow the rule can lead to disqualification of your paper or poor grades.

Single VS Double Spaced Essays

There are several differences between single and double spaced essay although the main one is spacing. The word spacing refers to the distance between one line to the next. When you write an essay using the single spacing rule, the space between each line will be smaller. If the teacher wants to write a comment, it becomes hard because there is no space.

Usually, single spacing is set at 1.0 to a maximum of 1.5. If the spacing goes to 2.0, 2.5, or 3.0, that is double spacing but the standard way for double spaced writing is 2.0. According to readability tests done by academic professionals, the ideal font for best readability should be spaced between 130 to 150 percent.

According to professionals, texts can be spaced up to 200 percent to improve readability. Their standard recommendation is 140 percent. Having understood what does double spaced means, it's easier to know how to write a Double-Spaced Essay.

How to Write a Double-Spaced Essay

Whether your paper is single spaced or double spaced, you must make it interesting to the reader by writing a well-researched paper from the most recent information available. You should follow the same structure for writing a single-spaced essay while following the double-spacing rule.

To make your double spaced paper more interesting, avoid long sentences. If you write too long sentences, it might be impossible to understand the message in it because the reader has no space to pause. Your teacher might easily get bored by long sentences and probably stop reading your essay. Shorter sentences are easier to read and easy to understand the message.

Double spaced essay look like it is well structured and thus informative. An essay structure matters to the reader because they want text that is attractive and easy to read. If you have a challenge with some vocabularies, avoid them and use simpler words that will make the flow of your essay smooth.

If you want to write a double space paper, the best program to use is MS. Word because it has features to help you set the spacing. You may decide to set the entire paper in double space or just a portion of it.

Double spaced essays reach a word count of between 250 words to 300 words per page. That means, if your paper is required to be 3 pages, you will write between 750 to 900 words. Some double spaced essays might be longer but a 3-page essay is common in academic writing. Unless instructed otherwise by your teacher, take three pages as the standard page count for a double spaced essay although you can write as many words as you wish.

You should also learn to know the most common double spaced essay format used by most colleges. Many colleges set rules for students to use MLA format in their writing. Highlight your essay by pressing Ctrl +A.

At the top left corner, click on the home tab. The most commonly used font for essay writing is Arial 12. Click on font type and select Arial then sect font size and select 12. The shortcut for it is Ctrl –Shift – P.

The other point to consider when learning how to double space an essay is that there is a difference between line spacing and paragraph spacing. What you double space are the lines in a paragraph but not paragraph to paragraph. Use double spacing only between lines but when breaking paragraphs, headings, and subheads, increase spacing to differentiate between one paragraph to the other.

There are tips to help your double spaced essay looker smarter. Choose the most trending topics that are interesting to the reader. A boring topic might make the reader fail to read your paper. Avoid using content that is not relevant to your essay topic. Every point should be discussed focusing on the topic.

Double Spacing in MS Word

You might wonder what is double spaced in word but it simply means the same as discussed in this article. It means to create double spaces between the line of one sentence to the next. In MS word, this action is easy to perform and you can do it on your computer. You may check online for an example of double spaced paper but this paper is a good example.

Since most students use MS word as their default writing program spacing is something students do often but when some paper instructions strictly give spacing rules, it might mean something entirely different. After college, some employers give spacing instructions when giving pre-employment tests.

Mostly, the default spacing in MS word is 1.0 or 1.5 at most. If your MS word has automatically set its default at 1.0, double spacing to you will mean 2.0. If the default spacing is at 1.50., your double spacing will be 3.0. This is the general rule but the common rule given by teachers is 2.0 for double spacing.

If you want to manually set double spacing on your MS word, select your entire document first. Go to the home tab and once you click on it, it will open a menu with so many features such as copy, paste, bullets, style, etc. Near to the top left, click on the font type menu and select Arial. Select the font size menu next to it and select 12.

You have already set your font and now you want to set the spacing parameters next. Highlight the entire document and below the menu marked Review, check a feature with two arrows running the opposite of each other.

Click on that feature to open the line spacing and paragraph menu. Select the 2.0 option and the window will close. Your document is already set at double space. You have created double spaced paragraphs but you must format your paper to separate one paragraph from the next.


A double spaced essay is one of the common types of essay assigned to students in schools and colleges. Its rule requires spacing to be set at 2.0 unless specifically instructed otherwise by the teacher. Although the double spacing is the general rule, there should a distinction between one paragraph to the next. Sometimes you might lack time to write your essay because you have a lot of work to handle. The secret to writing a winning paper is to buy an essay from our writing service.

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