How to Write the Name of a Movie in an Essay

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July 27, 2022 5 min read

Writing essays entails finding information from books, journals, or online sources. The diversity of sources enhances your writing creativity. Sometimes your professor may ask you to refer to movies. In such a case, there will be a concern about how to write the name of the movie. You need think of a good way to use a movie title in an essay.

There are various styles of writing a movie title. The choice of a style depends on your preference or your professor's guidelines. You will always be concerned about the formats and whether to italicize the titles. There will also be the issue of mentioning the names of actors. Below is a simple guideline to ensure you get the title right.

Main Principles Of Writing Movie Titles In Essays

Choosing the right movie can help you to get started. Be careful in your selection because some movies may have similar titles. Also, consider the words used in the title. Many movies have multiple titles because they are retitled to fit different countries. Others have had their titles changed with time. When referring to a movie, ensure you know its actual title.

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Other rules of writing titles are as follows:

  • Share your experience
  • Highlight the lessons from the movie
  • Start by discussing the background
  • Understand the main topics and ideas. Discuss the way they have been disclosed in the movie. 
  • Follow the right formatting style
  • Follow the right structure
  • Use active voice
  • Use the correct punctuation of titles and headings
  • Connect ideas well

How To Write Movie Titles In APA Format

APA is a common style used in writing movie titles. It applies to academic writing, mainly in social sciences. APA, Chicago, and MLA use the same approach to title case capitalization.

In APA format, always capitalize the first letters of significant words. This excludes articles and prepositions. The title should also be capitalized. You must capitalize words with more than four letters, including prepositions or articles. For example, “Tapping The Sky.”`

Put the name of the movie in italics and the name of the DVD chapter in quotes. The name of the movie scene should also be in a quote.

How To Write Movie Titles In MLA Format

This writing style was developed by the Modern Language Association. It is a collection of formatting and citing guidelines applied in academic writing. You should format all titles consistently in the entire paper.

Capitalize the first letters of the main words. This excludes insignificant words such as articles, prepositions, and conjunctions. Capitalize the insignificant words if they appear at the beginning of a sentence. All titles in your work's body also need to be capitalized.

The words that should not be capitalized when using movie title in an essay include:

  • Prepositions that are part of the title (for example, between, on, of, against)
  • Articles that are part of the title
  • Coordinating conjunctions such as “but”, “and”, “for”, and “or”


Do I need to underline my title movie?

Many people tend to underline their titles using a word processor. The best approach is not to underline.

Is the year of release necessary in a movie title?

Yes, you need to mention the year of release in your reference. You don't have to include it in the main text. However, you can include it in the text if different movies have the same title.

Do I need to quote the title of the movie in my essay?

When using APA referencing style, use quotation marks in the movie title. For other referencing styles, there is no need to quote the movie title.

Why should I do a film title?

Any long work, such as a television series or a movie, should be italicized. Short work such as poems, articles, and stories should be put in quotes.

How should I quote a film line?

Use the movie title in the form of parenthesis in the in-text citation. MLA style uses the name of the author and the page number for citations. Movies have no page numbers. So use the movie name under the “works cited”

What is the ideal length of a movie title?

Movie titles need to be short and clear. Movies with a one-word title can have a significant impact if they capture the essence of the movie. So, it is good to avoid a one-word title.

How should I cite a film script?

  • Always start with the last name of the author at the beginning of your citation line.
  • Write the film name in italics, followed by a period
  • Write the name of the publisher
  • After the publisher, including the year of script creation

What is the best way to cite a character?

Begin the first entry of your reference list with the performer's name. Only focus on the performer whose character is outstanding. List the actor's last name and first name in that order.

How do I create a script title?

As a writer, be careful about the words in the script. Your title must provide a taste of the genre and the main storyline.

What is the general way of quoting a film title in an essay?

Use the film title only in your essay. Instead of italicizing the title, use quotation marks around your title. The first and the last words of the film must be capitalized. Capitalize prepositions and verbs if they have three letters or more.

Should movie titles be italicized?

Italicizing movie titles applies to most writing styles. The purpose of italicizing is to set your text apart from the other parts of the sentence. It also shows the words that are part of the movie title.

Besides italicizing the titles of short movies, you should also place them in quotation marks. This applies to movies under thirty minutes and segments within larger movies. This rule is not very strict. So, check the writing style guide to see when to use different punctuation.

There is also an exception in news writing. For the Associated Press style of writing, always include quotation marks in your titles. Italics are not necessary because AP style prohibits the use of italicization in most academic writing.

In summary, these are the basic rules:

  • Italicize the series name
  • Italicize the film name
  • Quote the DVD chapter or the scene name
  • Quote the episode's name

Do you underline movie titles?

MLA and APA referencing styles use the same format for movie titles. In these styles, you should not underline the film titles. Write them in italics in the main body of your essay. Underlining texts was more popular during the previous age. When you type on a computer, the usual practice is to use italics.


Demonstrate your skills to your professors by naming your movie well in an essay. By following the guidelines, you can create an excellent project. This can also be fun and interesting. Choose an interesting essay topic and follow the above guide carefully. This is the easiest way to get good grades and excel academically. You can also order essay and get affordable assistance and great value. Reach out to professional academic writers instead of struggling to meet deadlines.

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