How to Write a Poem Analysis Essay

Like a poem review, a poem analysis analyses the language used by a poet and includes the speech style used. The person analyzing also shares their own views about the poem and breaks down the poetic features the poet has used.

Beyond reading the words, the analyzer must also read closely to understand the mind of the poet and why he chose to write in that style. To achieve the best in a poem analysis essay, it is important to have some background information about the poet.

What Is a Poetry Analysis?

You might not have a lot of information about what skills are important to write a poem analysis essay. However, you can get information that is helpful to give an idea of what you are required to do. Our experts at paper writing service have prepared this information to help you understand about this subject and write the best poem analysis essay.

Poem analysis might be likened to a poem review because it involves a process of a thorough investigation into its content, style, history, and structure. The main aim is to capture the mind of the poet and write your own point of view for your sake and the sake of others.

To develop a good poem analysis essay structure, you need to read the subject poem severally and take note of its subject, write about the author's style, and discuss their mind. It might be advisable to read the poem loudly and hear yourself reading to grab its content better.

Poetry Analysis Essay Topic

Every poem writer has a message they want to communicate to many generations through their poem. They first create the message in their mind and then put it in writing in hope that every person who reads it will grad the message. Mostly, the poet hides the main message using well-structured words that are hard to grasp at first.

When analyzing such a poem, you must search out and discover both the direct and hidden message in the poem. From the message you discover, create a topic and base your poem analysis paper on that topic.

Because the message is not visibly displayed in the poem, you have to read between lines while taking note of any concepts, notions, and pointers that keep popping up in the poem. They could be displayed as a feeling, perception, or phrase. Sometimes you might take time before you get the main theme which you can use to create your topic. In such a case, you may study other similar poems.

The best way to create the best poem analysis essay topic is to look at the poem subject which might give you an idea on questions such as why the writer chose to write that poem. Next, look at the central theme, the author's personality, the place he wrote from, and the influencing factors. All these points combined will give an idea of the best topic to create.

Poem Analysis Essay Outline

When considering your options on how to start an analysis essay, your first consideration should be the essay outline. It is easy to create an outline by first writing a draft on pen and paper guided by the information you gathered during research.

The outline is what will guide the writing process on which points carry greater weight and which one to start with. An excellent outline should be structured with the paper title at the top. Next to it should be the paper introduction followed by ideas to use in the introduction.

Next, brainstorm for the points you will use for the poem analysis essay thesis statement. The next point is the body. A poetry analysis essay body can have up to four or five paragraphs. The first explores the message the poet wanted to convey and the meaning he had in mind.

The next paragraph discusses the tone used in the poem towards their audience. There can be another paragraph that discusses the poetic devices used by the author and another one that concentrates on the sound and rhythm.

The next section of the outline is the conclusion where the writer restates their thesis statement. They also give a summary of the main points, do a comparison to the broader theme beyond the poem, and leave space for further analysis through a provoking sentence.


If you get good poems to analyze, it is possible to create a strong hook for your poem analysis essay in the introduction. Open the introduction with an attractive sentence that can be a quote or a short statement from the text.

The purpose of the hook is to get your audiences' attention. Include the name of the author and the title of the poem. Write another sentence or two that takes the reader into the poem's background. It will help the audience get an overview of the poem. The last part of the introduction should be the thesis statement.

Poetry Analysis Essay Introduction Example

Here is a poem analysis example of how an introduction should be.

John Caprice, the author behind the poem titled “A Walk in the Darkness” was born in Texas, USA. The true background that the author was Spanish who felt denied a chance to pursue higher education can be discovered in the poem paragraphs. He had a desire to change his identity from Spanish to American which made his parents feel he was a betrayer to his country.


Every finer detail about the poem analysis should be discussed in the body. The body should be divided into paragraphs and each should discuss one point. If you discuss more than one point in a single paragraph, you might confuse your audience.

The message should be clear, to the point, and focused for your audience to understand your main points and the supporting texts. Follow the order for each point from the outline you created and ensure you have achieved at least four or five detailed paragraphs.

When comparing your points with specific lines in the poem, let them be coherent. If you are discussing the devices used in the poem, your paragraph should discuss devices. You should not discuss devices and quote lines that could have been better used as an example for tone or language. The transition from one paragraph to another uses phrases and transition words.


All analysed poems must end with an attractive conclusion. It should be structured in a way that you start by restating the thesis statement. It is not necessarily that it be word for word, but you can tweak it to fit in the conclusion.

Consider the important points and summarize them in the conclusion of your poem analysis essay. Think about your personal opinion on the poem and make a statement in one sentence. Do not leave your conclusion hanging but leave your audience with food for thought which is something that can provoke their thoughts.

Poetry Analysis Essay Conclusion Example

I do believe that the main concern the writer had was to show the reader the dark and unexpected side concerning life. It would be difficult to compare intellectual content such as this poem about the parent-child relationship with the level of emotions the writer displays. It is true the poet has used irony and he is aware of it but this is due to the complexity of his writing.

How to analyze poems

You now know how to write a poetry essay but now let's discuss how to carry out your analysis. The main thing to consider is the theme because the message in the poem is conveyed in the theme using figurative language. The theme can give you an idea of the hidden message.

Study the language the pot has used which can be the mood, imagery, or tone. The language style will give you an idea of the rhythm. Study also the sound or the voice of the poem which can be expressed in syllables.

Another important point is the structure used starting from the title to the lines, patterns, punctuation, and stanzas. Lastly, study the context in terms of who wrote, to who, when it was written, what was it for, where was it written, and the why.

How to Write a Poem Analysis Essay?

When writing a poem analysis essay, the main things to consider are the introduction, body, and conclusion. First, read the poem multiple times and then read it aloud for your ears to hear. Scan the poem for main points and take note of the rhyme.

Write a structure breakdown and decide the poem form. Study the kind of language used by the poet and its content. Decide who is the narrator and paraphrase the poem stanza by stanza.


A poem analysis essay focuses on several points that can easily be picked out and those that are hidden. The person analyzing focuses on the poet's emotions, feelings, targeted audience, and personality. To gather deeper information, the writer should dig into the poet's background to understand better why he wrote the poem and the prevailing circumstances at that time. To get all these details, you need to spend a lot of time researching and studying the pome. However, you can buy an essay and save yourself from the challenge.

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