What is Compare and Contrast Essay

Although writing compare and contrast essay topics could be difficult for some students, they are common assignments given at high school and university. Their complexity helps build stronger critical thinking abilities in students because they involve the creation of analogies to argue specific points.

To successfully write a compare and contrast essay assignment, a student should avoid dwelling on personal opinions and comparing a wide variety of topics. The teacher might provide a topic to write about but if no topic is provided, they should learn to choose the best topics.

If you have been assigned a topic for compare and contrast essay, you might be worried about where to start or how to write a high-quality paper. This step-by-step guide was created by our professional essay service team to help guide you through the process of writing a successful essay.

Compare and contrast essay topics dwell on looking into a topic close to picking any likenesses or differences. The writer sets side-by-side related points to create analogies between them specifically to explain or clarify their relationship and contrasts.

For example, an example of a compare and contrast essay you could be given is a topic such as Compare And Contrast The New England Middle And Southern Colonies essay. The writer should take the two subjects as sub-topics and explore their similarities and differences.

How To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay

The main ideas that you should have when preparing to write a compare and contrast essay is the structure to use and the most attractive thesis statement for your essay.

Step 1. Brainstorm on the topic

Your essay cannot be attractive if it doesn't involve deep analytical skills. If you want to demonstrate to the reader you did wide research and deep analysis, you must take time to brainstorm on the topic. Write side by side characteristics shared by each subject in the topic.

Step 2. Create the thesis statement

A thesis statement is important in a compare and contrast essay because it tells the reader the discussion to expect in the essay. After brainstorming on the subject's relationships, you can use the ideas to create your thesis statement.

Step 3. Develop your outline

A compare and contrast essay follows the same format as other essays starting with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Creating a format helps you sick within the topic.

Step 4. Introduce your topic

A good compare and contrast essay outline must include an attractive introduction. The first sentence should explain a comparison area between the topic subjects. The introduction for compare and contrast essay lays the base for your arguments and should be attractive.

Step 5. Write your body paragraphs

If you are dealing with good compare and contrast essay topics, you should not have any problem with developing strong points to use in the body of the essay. If you still feel you are not getting good points to use in the body, you should probably read free compare and contrast essay examples first to get inspiration.

The first paragraph should start by comparing the two subjects in your topic. The next paragraphs should have enough points to compare and contrast but you should choose the best points to use. To make your paragraphs flow smoothly, you should remember to use transition words.

Step 6. Conclude your essay

The conclusion for compare and contrast essay should be excellent and to the point. The conclusion is your opportunity to write your final thoughts on the topic you get a chance to give strength to your thesis statement and the entire paper.

In the compare and contrast essay conclusion it should not be time to introduce an entirely new point. Instead, it should give a summary of all the points already discussed from the thesis, introduction, and body.

Step 7. Edit your essay

You cannot write an essay and submit it without thoroughly editing. When editing, be careful with the correct spacing, spelling, word flow, and sentence structure. Run your compare and contrast essay on grammar check and plagiarism check tools for originality before you submit.

How To Compare And Contrast In An Essay

If you successfully pick a topic for your compare and contrast essay, it will be easy for you to compare and contrast the subjects. You take two or more subjects and analyze their related similarities and contrasting differences.

The compare and contrast essay structure is very important during the process and you should consider taking widely related topics to help you build your points. To help you compare and contrast, you should first understand a few points and use them as guides.

Know the right time to compare and contrast

To know the right time to begin comparing and contrasting, you should be keen with the thesis for compare and contrast essay because it is what points the essay should have. Remember the first comparison points appear in the thesis statement.

The next guiding point should be the compare and contrast essay introduction because it introduces the topic subjects and their content. Some topic prompts might not directly have a compare and contrast question but you should know the right paragraphs to place your points.

A compare and contrast essay example that doesn't directly have a compare and contrast question is The Great Depression Had Diverse Effects In The US. Discuss. This topic doesn't directly ask you to compare and contract yet is a compare and contrast essay topic.

You could start and look into the situation before, and during the great depression. Alternatively, you might look at the situation during and after the depression. In a compare and contrast essay topics where you are not explicitly prompted, you should be keen to know how and when to compare and contrast.

Make relevant comparisons

The topics for compare and contrast essay are diverse and your approach to each should be different. If you use compare and contrast essay ideas that are out of context, your essay will look out of topic to the reader.

For your points to be relevant, the various subjects you choose must have a lot of similarities and a common ground for comparison and contrast. By choosing such subjects, your points shall be clear and shall not wander away from the opening comparisons you discussed in your thesis statement.

For example, think about topics for a compare and contrast essay such as Compare And Contrast The American Society Before And After The Arrival Of Christopher Columbus. You will find a lot of points to compare and contrast but if take the US society before Columbus and the English society in England, the reader might not understand how the two are related to the question subjects.

Structure your comparisons and contrasts well

Mostly, a compare and contrast essay format follows two primary structures. The first is the alternating structure and the second is the block structure.

The alternating method

If something is alternating, it means it keeps changing directions consistently. You could choose funny compare and contrast essay topics but use the alternating method to give an entirely different view.

In this method, you put your comparing and contrasting points side by side and discuss a point for each subject in an alternating style. For example, if you have two titles for compare and contrast essay you take the subjects and start with a comparison point and then a contrasting point. Repeat the same style in the next paragraph and throughout the essay.

The block method

In this method, all the points for the subjects are covered in a block. You first discuss your points for the first subject in your outline for compare and contrast essay and move on to discuss the next point.

You might decide to compare the previous point with the current and keep moving back and forth in a block. There is no rule that you have to stick to the same method throughout your essay but you can combine them.

How To Choose A Compare And Contrast Essay Topic

Now that you know what a compare and contrast essay thesis is, here are tips to choose the best topic.

  • Brainstorm: write several topics that contain potential ideas then pick the best.
  • Pick interconnected subjects: in any topic that you choose, make sure the subjects are closely related. Examples, a cat and dog pet, psychology and physiology, mars and earth.
  • Choose topics with enough information: some topics have scanty information and it can take you many days to gather enough points.
  • Choose an attractive topic: pick a topic that the reader will love to explore more and read your essay.

Compare And Contrast Essay Topic Ideas

During your time in college, you will be given topics to compare and contrast for an essay and your teacher will require you to be creative and come up with the best ideas for an essay topic. Sometimes you might be required to think outside of the ordinary topics. Here are some good compare and contrast essay examples you can use.

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Middle School

These compare and contrast essay titles are for the middle school:

  • Compare and contrast two of your neighbors.
  • Compare and contrast Halloween and the Thanksgiving Day
  • Compare and contrast two of your best fruit cocktails.
  • Which would you prefer? Listening to music or reading
  • Between sports and food, which one makes your body healthier.
  • Education without exams and with exams, which one is better?
  • A newlywed couple's home and an elderly couple's home. Compare and contrast the two. Consider things like the furniture, garage, sets of drawers, appliances, etc.
  • Compare and contrast a family reunion during a wedding and a funeral. Which one is better?
  • Having a cat pet and a dog pet. Compare and contrast the two.
  • Going to visit the rural home during holiday or staying in your townhome. Which is better?
  • Is it better to be a scientist or an artist?
  • Remaining young forever or growing old, which one would you prefer?

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For High School

  • The thin line between doing what is right or wrong. Compare and contrast.
  • Who are better? The old-time philosophers or the modern ones
  • How do biology and chemistry compare and contrast?
  • Similarities and differences between oranges and tangerines
  • Compare and contrast between an audio and paperback book
  • How do baseball and football compare and differ?
  • Sci-fi books versus sci-fi movies
  • An argumentative essay versus a narrative essay
  • High school versus university – give the key differences
  • Compare and contrast the British English and the American English

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

Here are compare and contrast essay examples for college students

  • Who lives a better life in college? Working or a nonworking student?
  • Contrast and compare TOEFL and SAT.
  • Compare and contrast masters and Ph.D.
  • A virus versus bacterial infection
  • Who is better: a female or male manager?
  • Compare and contrast European and African concepts of beauty
  • Using diet versus drugs to manage weight loss.
  • Going to a party: should you wear jeans or a dress
  • Cloud storage versus hard disk storage: the differences
  • Listening to rock music or rap: is there a difference?
  • Compare and contrast Adolf Hitler and Churchill

Easy Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

  • To receive an email or a postal mail: key differences
  • Which one is more dangerous? An earthquake or volcanic eruption
  • Are a tumor and cancer the same?
  • Is there a difference between ARVs and antibiotics?
  • Compare and contrast economics versus economy
  • Chinese politics versus American politics
  • Micronutrients versus macronutrients
  • Life on earth and life on Mars: compare and contrast
  • Water creatures and land creatures: which one is better?
  • Air pollution: airplanes are better polluters than motor vehicles


When writing compare and contrast essay, you should look at the close similarities and the differences between the topic subjects. It takes time to gather the ideas and write them and time is mostly the greatest hindrance. As a student, you live a busy lifestyle and it is rewarding to buy an essay online if you don't have enough time to write. This is the secret most students use to write winning essays.

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