How to Write a Short Essay

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January 20, 2022 5 min read

A short essay will likely not exceed five paragraphs from the introduction, main body to the conclusion. This makes writing a short essay challenging to most students because you have limited space for your arguments to count.

A long essay gives you enough space to state your arguments by using more than one paragraph to prove a single point. With short essays, you have to precisely go direct to the point. These tips will help you write a short essay.

Short Essay Writing Guide

You might have been assigned to write a unique topic for an attractive short essay. Your most challenging thought might be how to bring your arguments precisely to the point or how long should a short essay be. Professional writers from our writing paper service has pieced together this step-by-step short essay writing guide to help you go through the process successfully.

Short Essay Definition

Traditionally, essays range between 1000 to 5000 words but if you are assigned to write a short essay, there are many things you have to put into consideration. It is an essay that ranges between 200 to 500 words long depending on the instructions given by your teacher.

The essay doesn't give you space for long arguments meaning you must compact all your strong points into a few words. A short essay has about two to five paragraphs within which the entire short essay format is contained.

How Long is A Short Essay?

Assuming that you use double spacing when writing your short essay, it should not exceed two pages but if you use single spacing, your short essay will only be one page. This is based on using Times New Roman as the default font. One page takes around 275- 300 words for double-spaced writing. This means your entire essay will be between three hundred to five hundred and fifty words. Read more: How Long Should a College Essay Be?

Short Essay Structure

Working with the standard short essay length of 5 paragraphs, your short essay should be compacted by making every detail brief starting from the introduction, thesis, main body, to the conclusion.

1. Introduction

If you are writing a short argumentative essay, your introduction should not exceed one paragraph. The argumentative essay topics you choose matter but whichever topic you choose, you must create your hook here to attract the reader into reading your entire essay. Make it short, attractive, and informative. Make your claim sound urgent, persuading your audience to see the importance to read your brief essay.

2. Main Body

Now that you understand what is a short essay, your focus should be to make everything brief. Target to write a maximum of three paragraphs in the main body. That means, all your key arguments should be discussed within the three paragraphs including your supporting evidence.

You might want first to be conversant about how to write a short essay to learn how to make your points brief. Start with your primary point then let the others follow. One point with its supporting evidence might be enough for each paragraph. If you are using APA short essay format, stick to the right format throughout the essay and cite your sources accordingly.

3. Conclusion

The conclusion of your short essay supposed to be a summary of your entire essay. One paragraph is enough to do the conclusion. Revisit the question raised in the introduction to reply to it. Remember you drew your audience to attention at the beginning and you must leave them satisfied at the end.

How to Write a Brief Essay

Short essays require detailed but direct, strong points that make each paragraph unique. Read the prompt keenly to help you identify a topic. You may highlight the main words then revisit them for better understanding.

Avoid choosing too many points but, if possible, dwell on one strong point that you can make the central point of argument. You have no space for deep arguments that's why you should choose a narrow topic.

Your short narrative essay requires wide research from both primary and secondary sources. However, since you have limited space to introduce your secondary sources, choose them appropriately.

Difference Between a Short Essay and a Short Answer

A short essay is a piece of text that briefly answers a topic question using a few paragraphs. It expresses a writer's opinion on a specific topic. Although the essay is short, the answer to its question could be up to 500 words.

On the other hand, a short answer is a response to a question given using only a subject and an auxiliary verb. It could only be made of one or two words such as yes, no, we went, etc.

The Process of Short Essay Writing

The secret to writing an attractive short essay is to understand how to start a short essay.

  • Understand the essay type you are writing and the format.
  • Take time to brainstorm on several short essay topics then choose one
  • Research on specific sources
  • Create your thesis statement
  • Develop your short essay outline
  • Create your first draft and then the final draft
  • Do proofreading, grammar check, and plagiarism check.

How to Choose a Topic for Short Essay

Since you need to dwell on a narrow topic, first ask yourself what you should write about. Write down every point that comes into your mind. Brainstorm each topic to see how each connects with the prompt. Choose an interesting topic, one you are familiar with, and one that will have enough points to argue.

The best way to introduce your topic is to follow your short essay outline. With the overall topic in your mind, choose the main point to form the basis of your argument. Begin with a sentence that easily connects with the main idea.

The first sentence in each paragraph should introduce a new supporting point. You may first read short essay examples to give you an idea of how the sentences and paragraphs connect.


You might still find it challenging to write a short essay due to various reasons like lack of time or too much work. You can go on with your other commitments and order an essay from experienced online writers. If time limits you to write your short essay by yourself, order an essay at our service and let our professionals write a winning short essay for you.

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