How to Write a Synthesis Essay

The first reaction you might have after your teacher assigns you a synthesis essay is that the task might be challenging. On the contrary, the tricks and writing styles used for this type of essay are not different from most academic assignments.

The process requires preparation, wide research, and originality if you want your paper to be quality. To help you write the best synthesis paper, we have prepared this step-by-step guide so that you can write a paper that is attractive and informative.

What Is a Synthesis Essay?

If you have been assigned to write a synthesis essay, probably what might be your concern is where to start. You might not be sure where to get the right information or the kind of ideas you need. This step-by-step guide was created by our essay writing service team to help you get answers to your concerns.

To help you understand a synthesis essay, you might want to break the two words first. Synthesis means combining various components to create one whole unit. An essay is a short written content on a certain topic.

A synthesis essay involves combining different content to create one complete content. Looking into synthesis essay definition, it is a piece of academic content that is created by gathering information from multiple sources to build an argument that supports your position on the subject.

Synthesis in research paper means a student discusses ideas, uses data, and creates evidence from several sources. The position you take when answering the questions might be based on your objective opinion but you must try and use your evidence subjectively and information from external sources and base your argument upon them.

Types of Synthesis Essay

After your instructor assigns you a synthesis essay to write, the first question to ask yourself is what type of essay it is. It will help you keep focus and write a top-notch essay but if you need help, an online essay writer will help you write a high-quality synthesis paper.

A synthesis essay can either be explanatory or argumentative. Another word for explanatory synthesis is background synthesis. In this synthesis, you get detailed information and use it to explain a question in a way a reader will easily understand.

It requires you to read carefully and present information backed up by facts to help the reader understand the topic. A synthesis paragraph will be composed of deconstructed and divided evidence that is presented in logical paragraphs. It is descriptive and focuses on processes, places, objects, and events. This type of Synthesis essay format is objective and the writer does not take a position.

In an argument synthesis essay, you will be required to take a position and then use facts from several sources as the basis of your argument. You will make an explicit claim concerning a topic and the information from various sources will be for supporting your thesis.

Synthesis Essay Formats

A synthesis essay must have three main parts – introduction, body, and conclusion. An introduction gives a brief background of the topic under discussion. The thesis is included in the introduction. The body contains the argument details of the topic in question. It includes comparisons, contrasts, and in-text citations. The conclusion summarizes your arguments to prove how they support your position.

Synthesis Essay Topics

To present your essay topic in the best way, your synthesis essay outline should be your guiding factor. You should use information from multiple sources to show the importance of your topic and provide answers to the question. The primary statement of your essay can be in question form.

Your synthesis essay topic should be both interesting and easy to research. Avoid topics that are obvious and create a unique topic with several options for improvement. The topic you choose should easily connect with your arguments.

Argumentative Synthesis Essay Topics

Argumentative essays require the use of points from multiple sources that argue based on the same topic. You must first take your position and use information from the sources as a strong ground to support your claim. You might consider the details needed for an ap synthesis essay to help you know the kind of topic you might choose for an argumentative synthesis essay.

Think of ideas such as relationships, crime, gender equality, wealth, race, social media, etc. Some good essay topics you might choose are:

  • Addiction to video games: The trigger for delinquency
  • Fight for gender equality: A war that failed before it started
  • Religion: Is it the cause of war?

Explanatory Synthesis Essay Topics

If you so a synthesis essay vs argument essay analysis, the main difference is in the way you bring out your argument and take a stand. An explanatory essay requires you to present your arguments on a specific topic in a neutral way. You must present every fact objectively and reasonably.

The topic you choose should be easy to research and interesting to the reader. It should be easy to present your point of view simply. Think about ideas such as friendship, food, homes, people, money, work, business, government, etc.

Some good explanatory synthesis essay topics are:

  • Why do people make weapons?
  • Does a person have control over their life?
  • What worries classmates most?

Synthesis Essay Structure

A synthesis essay adheres to a 5-paragraph structure. It has an introduction that lays the foundation of the essay. Write a general idea about the topic and create your thesis statement. The body takes about three or four paragraphs that support your argument and another that opposes it. The conclusion paragraph gives a reiteration of your arguments and the bibliography gives a list of your sources.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay Step-by-Step?

The most important point is to understand a synthesis essay structure and include every required detail. When writing a synthesis essay, the main features to look into are:

  • Thesis/claim. Depending on the topic, draft your thesis and stay within your sources. It gives you a general idea of your topic. Choose your stand and make it your claim. For example, you might have a topic that needs you to choose between spicy or non-spicy food. If you choose spicy food as your stand, make your claim why. It might be something like – spicy food makes me feel energized and helps me focus more on my homework and improve on exams.
  • Sources. Use sources that will help you bring out your points strongly. Your starting point is to understand the prompt and to achieve this, think about your topic. Each topic given is followed by a set of instructions that you must read carefully and understand what you are required to do. These two points will help get the most relevant sources that you will use for research. Get the most from each source and record the main points and ideas you get from each. Because your claim is spicy food, your sources could be recipes websites, food magazines, health journals, literature about spices, etc.
  • Drafting. After gathering your sources, start the writing process and choose how the points will flow. Pick the main ideas and justify them using information from the sources while keeping your justification original and verifiable. Your topic was about spicy food and non-spicy food but you chose spicy food. The idea in mind was because it makes you feel energized and helps you focus more on your homework and improve on exams. To prove your claim, discuss the positive effects of spices on the brain, the heart, and the entire body. Compare and contrast those who eat spiced food and those who don't while making sure those who don't get more negative points because you want to favor your claim. At one point, you might object against your claim to give your audience an unbiased view.

Start a Synthesis Essay

The best way to start a synthesis essay is to pick a topic you love or are curious about. Write ideas you feel you have passion about although they must be in line with the topic. Go to your sources and research widely while you write the main points you find.

Create an outline for your synthesis essay and if possible, read a synthesis essay example to help you get a better idea of how it should be. Create the most attractive introduction and in the body, break down your point in paragraphs and subheadings.

Synthesis Essay Thesis

Your synthesis essay requires an attractive thesis statement to present your point of view. It should logically present your researched points. The thesis statement paragraph should show your stand against the presented topic.

Elaborate your position in a short text of about two to three sentences and expand your position in deeper detail. You might want to read a synthesis paragraph example and take not on how the writer claims their main idea. See how they support it and take note of the points they used to support it. Use the ideas to write your points and support them within a single paragraph.

Synthesis Paper Body

The main components of a Synthesis Paper Body are the claim, evidence, and explanation. State your claim which is the stand you have taken concerning the topic. Use texts from your sources to support your claim and give detailed evidence. Explain or evaluate the evidence using paragraphs to support your evidence.

Synthesis Essay Conclusion

In the conclusion, give a deeper insight into the topic you chose and the stand you took. Discuss the effect of the topic on you and state if there is a need for further research or any other action that might be relevant.

Synthesis Essay Writing Tricks

The best trick for writing a synthesis essay is to understand what a synthesis essay is. Read closely the instructions and understand what you are required to do. Carefully study your sources then take your position. Create your essay outline and then use persuasion to defend your claim. Above all read examples of synthesis in writing for ideas.

Synthesis Essay Examples

A synthesis paper example could be a topic about parenting. Its question could be - do parents feel teenagers are a threat? You may argue on issues like the way teenagers criticize adults for not understanding them due to the generational gap. Argue the facts that cause the two generations to misunderstand each other.

Synthesis Essay Introduction Example

Using spiced food as an example, and the introduction might look something like this - the society today is changing eating habits fast. Traditionally, food was spiced for flavor and health benefits. Although there are people who still love spiced food, many others go for non-spiced food. Spice wholesalers and retailers haven't done enough to promote their consumption and they need to take bold steps to change people's negative perspectives.

Synthesis Essay Thesis Example

Social media applications are in the hundreds. If you feel the need to chat, you just log in to a social media account and access hundreds of friends. The truth is, instead of connecting, you could be disconnecting from true relationships.

The common notion is that someone cannot feel lonely when they have thousands of friends on social media but the reality is that they are passive friends and you are separated by distance…

Synthesis Essay Body Paragraphs Example

One of the reasons for going against the report by the writer is because their evidence is biased. Social media only gives users a platform to connect remotely but this cannot promote closer friendships.

Example of Synthesis Essay Conclusion

Various findings show previous generations were connected by physically meeting to chat, play, eat, or work. The social gathering was believed to enhance social bonds and they still have an impact on the current generation. The arguments presented by Carol Jean are biased when she says social media is a means to create intimate relationships. She ignored the fact that it engages people who are far apart and one user can have several thousand friends across the globe most of whom they might never meet. Previous generations were better and reducing the negative impact of social media, which points to a better morally right generation.


A synthesis essay has two main types explanatory and argumentative. You must do wide research to create strong arguments and provide evidence to your claim. Understand your topic and don't rush the writing process. Being a student, you have busy schedules daily and need time to attend to every item in your schedule. If time is limiting your ability to write an essay, buy essay online and relieve yourself from much stress.

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